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56 Ohio Arch

56       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

These swarming hordes of careless, unclean, illy housed

and frequently immoral people make the conservation

of the health of the children a moral question with

which religionists as well as humanitarians must deal.

Let us not forget that while we are doing something

for the children, they are doing a great deal for us.

Those who freely give out love, and service and sacri-

fice, get much that is of inestimable value in return.

The reflex action upon them is infinitely uplifting and

exalting. These little children who come under our

ministrations will make better men and women of all of

us. Whittier has very beautifully expressed the idea

in these words:


We need love's tender lessons taught

As only weakness can,

God hath His small interpreter,

The child must teach the man.

In conclusion let me express the belief that all who

faithfully and unselfishly discharge their duty to the

children of this generation will deserve to share the

commendation of the Master who said: "Inasmuch as

ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye

have done it unto Me."



If this toast had been to "Our Navy," without words

or restriction, my task would have been easy for the

mere words bring to vivid remembrance the stirring

tales of youth, when the heroes we worshipped were

Paul Jones the venturesome, Decatur the intrepid, Law-

rence the defiant and Perry the modest. The theme as-