Ohio History Journal

Fortieth Annual Meeting 253

Fortieth Annual Meeting              253


186--(addition) Mrs. Gardiner adds 13 dolls to collection, 10-



9--(addition)   Mastodon and elk teeth; presented by Mr. C.

M. Ault, Piketon, O., 2-20-'25.

29--Collection of mussel shells, presented by Mrs. F. L. Cornell,

Black Lick, O., 3-24-'25.

30--Specimen of coral; presented by Mr. E. P. Wilson, Colum-

bus, O., 5-16-'25.

31--Fossil shark tooth; presented by Mr. H. C. Baird, Pata-

skala, O., 8-24-'25.

32--Stalactite; presented by Mr. E. W. Eley, New Orleans,

La., 8-30-'25.

33--Dolomite Geodes; collected by Curator of Mineralogy,

field work, 9-19-'25.

??4--(addition) Pyrite crystals; presented by Mr. Philip Kientz,




320--Stone pestle, celt and flint arrow points, Fairfield Co., O.,

presented by Mr. E. L. Porter, Columbus, O., 10-10-'24.

321--Artifacts from Summit Co., O., presented by Mr. C. W.

Franks, Fairlawn, O., 12-5-'24.

322--Small collection of Archaeological specimens from Gov.

James E. Campbell estate; presented 1-26-'25.

323--Ceremonial object, banded slate; presented by Mr. Alan

McClain, Washington C. H., O., 2-5-'25.

324--Archaeological collection of Mr. B. G. Lamme, deposited

by Ohio State University, 3-24-'25.

325--Mexican figurines of clay; presented by Mr. P. A. Lanius,

Columbus, O., 3-28-'25.

326--Archaeological specimens, loaned by Mr. C. S. Pealer, Dan-

ville, O., 4-13-'25.

327--Archaeological collection of Mr. Quay Grimes, Columbus,

O., presented by him 4-16-'25.

328--Grooved stone axe; presented by Mr. E. L. Knowles, Co-

lumbus, O., 4-16-'25.


330--Effigy snail, purchased, 6-3-'24.

331--(addition) Arrowpoints, 5-4-'25.

196--(addition)  Slate ceremonial, purchased, 5-4-'25.

275--(addition) Material from Fox Field, Kentucky, presented

by Mr. Philip Hinkle, Cincinnati, O., 5-29-'25.

237--(addition) Archaeological specimens, by Mr. J. E. Dun-

can, Rock Mills, O., 6-3-'25.