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Fortieth Annual Meeting 259

Fortieth Annual Meeting              259



Vice President George F. Bareis, Chairman of the

Committee, read the following report:

The Museum Committee held one well-attended meeting on

June 17, 1925. Director Mills outlined his plans for the occu-

pation of the new building, as to departments and space. Pro-

fessor Hine, the new Curator of Natural History, was present

and made a report as to his plans and progress. The commit-

tee heartily approved the plans and programs.

Doctor J. M. Henderson, a member of the Committee, dis-

cussed the advisability of establishing a Department of Numis-

matics, and volunteered to lend his assistance. He is Presi-

dent of the American Numismatic Society, and has a large col-

lection of coins of his own. Doctor Henderson was chosen

Honorary Curator.

Respectfully submitted,





Dr B. F. Prince, Chairman.of the Committee, read the fol-

lowing report:

Your committee on Fort Ancient would report that so

far as the appearance of the grounds is concerned, everything is

in good condition. Even with the dry weather the grass was

green almost every where. Some improvements have been made.

Thirty rods of fence have been built, costing $33.50. Twenty

thousand shingles and nails, at a cost of $140.00 are on hand

for use on the barn. Gravel was hauled on the road in places

where most needed, and a number of minor repairs were made.

The amount expended to July 1st, 1925, was $315.00. Bills for

hauling gravel since that time have not been rendered.

The bad feature to report has been the lack of water. From

a depth of twelve to eight feet of water usually in the well, it

fell to eighteen inches, and at that stage very little, or none,

could be secured.

Much dissatisfaction was expressed by visitors at this con-

dition, with reflections on the custodian, directors of the So-

ciety, and the state of Ohio. In view of this situation two mem-

bers of your committee spent a day in study of the condition,

and as a result they somewhat overstepped their authority in or-

dering another and deeper well put down. They did this firmly