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believing that the people should be accommodated. The well is

not quite finished.

The number of people who visit the fort on the Sabbath

day runs from 1500 to 2000. Even on last Sabbath, dark and

gloomy and rainy, there were one hundred automobiles present,

perhaps with five hundred people. Our Society must take care

of them in the best possible way.

The present graveled road was built about twenty-five years

ago, when only poky horses, drawing vehicles, now and then,

found their way into the Fort. The road was a good one for

its day, built at an expense of about $150.00. But the rapid

automobile can tear any graveled road to pieces, and that is

what they are doing with our road at Fort Ancient. Then, too,

the road was built as a single-track. When carriages passed each

other they had to turn on the grass. The same must be done by

the automobiles now. What is needed is a road wide enough for

vehicles to pass each other without leaving the roadway. It is

a matter that this Society ought to prepare for presentation to

our next General Assembly.

It may not be amiss to present another thing. With the

crowds that gather weekly at the Fort during the warm season,

there ought to be a person who will give his whole time in that

part of the grounds where the people park their autos. He could

prevent fires from being built against trees, rough treatment of

the state's property, and any violation of good order, and also

be a source of information to the people who gather there. The

people of our state are disposed to make certain places a point

for gathering, as Buckeye Lake, Indian Lake, Fort Ancient, and

other favorite points, all being state property, and the state can

afford to make its own grounds pleasing to the people.

Respectfully submitted,

(Signed) B. F. PRINCE,


The report was ordered received and placed on file.



Professor W. H. Cole, Chairman of the Committee,

read the following report:

The general conditions at Serpent Mound Park during the

past year have been satisfactory. The custodian, Mr. Guy Wal-

lace, has been reasonably watchful and efficient in looking after

the property.