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262 Ohio Arch

262       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

Fort Miami:--

We regret to report that this property is still in the hands

of owners who do not seem much interested in its historic value.

Fallen Timbers:--

At this writing the State Architect is engaged in landscap-

ing the site chosen for the future monument to honor the mem-

ory of a great soldier and mark an historic spot. It will be re-

called that two years ago the Legislature appropriated $2,000 for

this purpose. We had asked for $40,000 for the complete proj-

ect. Last winter at the instance of some of our friends we asked

the State for $20,000 and the Congress for $20,000. The former

appropriated $15,000 and the latter gave us nothing. With but

$15,000 to build a $40,000 memorial your Committee was some-

what at a loss to know how to. proceed. It was finally decided,

with the informal approval of your Board, to proceed with the

concrete foundations and a finished granite pedestal so designed

that it may be considered a finished product, even though the

bronze superstructure is never placed. This program seemed to

meet with the approval of all parties concerned, and along these

lines we are now proceeding.

Very respectfully submitted,

(Signed) W. J. SHERMAN,


The report was ordered received and placed on file.

President Johnson stated that the State Architect

adopted the plans suggested by the committee for the

improvements at Fallen Timbers, and also explained

the situation at Campus Martius, asking whether the

Society wished to express its wishes as to future ac-

tion. No action was taken by the Society.



General George Florence, Chairman of the Com-

mittee, read the following report:

As chairman of the Logan Elm Park committee, I respect-

fully submit the following report for 1925.

There has been no further damage by wind or lightning

to the Great Elm, and from all visible appearances it is in a very