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Fortieth Annual Meeting 271

Fortieth Annual Meeting         271

have charge of arrangements for the proposed trip, and

suggested that members desiring to make the tour com-

municate with him.


Mr. Bright stated that Ash Cave has been turned

over to the State Forestry Department; the state pur-

chased about 1200 acres of land, and has made a state

park of it.

Mr. Wood, for the Committee on Nominations

stated that the committee desires to make its report in

two sections. We have with us today a man who has

been on the Board of Trustees for some thirty years, a

gentleman who has given of his.time and ability, and

has always responded when called upon, who has given

a lifetime of service to the public. The committee rec-

ommended, first, that the Society elect to an honorary

position of Trustee Emeritus Professor Benjamin F.

Prince, of Springfield, Ohio. Mr. Mills seconded the


Professor Prince was escorted to the platform by

Mr. Wood, and was elected Trustee Emeritus by ac-


Mr. Wood, for the Committee, then placed in nomi-

nation for the three vacancies now existing on the

Board, Mr. Arthur C. Johnson, General George Flor-

ence of Circleville, and Mr. Clarence D. Laylin of Co-

lumbus, stating that the committee was unanimous in

its recommendation.

General Orton seconded the nominations and moved

that the Secretary cast the ballot of the Society for the

three gentlemen nominated. Carried. The Secretary

cast the ballot of the Society for Mr. Arthur C. Johnson,