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272 Ohio Arch

272       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

General George Florence and Mr. Clarence D. Laylin,

who were declared duly elected Trustees for the term

of three years.

It was stated that the Committee on Cooperation

with Ohio State University had no report to make.

On motion the meeting recessed to 1:30 P. M.



The meeting was called to order by President Ar-

thur C. Johnson, who stated:

It is with mingled feelings that I stand before you this aft-

ernoon, a humble successor to the beloved leader who so long

presided over the meetings of The Ohio State Archaeological and

Historical Society. It is not for us to express sorrow that our

friend has left us, but rather to express gratitude to the Omnipo-

tent God for having given our friend so long a life among us.

I am going to ask our Secretary to read to you a set of resolu-

tions drawn in memory of Governor James E. Campbell.

Mr. Galbreath then read the following:





WHEREAS, It has pleased Divine Providence to call to his

final rest our President, co-worker and friend, Honorable James

E. Campbell, formerly governor of Ohio, and

WHEREAS, The members and friends of Governor Camp-

bell, who are assembled in this annual meeting and who recall

his genial presence, his happy remarks and the grace with which

he presided one year ago and on former occasions, must mingle

with pleasing recollections the poignant regret that he cannot

be with us still, and

WHEREAS, This Society holds in grateful memory his as-

sociation as a life member and his service as President for six

years, and

WHEREAS, This service was continuously active and to the

last moment of his life indicated his unfailing interest in the

work of the Society, therefore

Be it resolved by the Ohio State Archaological and His-