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280 Ohio Arch

280      Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

sition at the head of the municipality of Put-in-Bay

through the period of celebrations incident to the cen-

tennial celebration of Perry's victory on Lake Erie.

Secretary Galbreath called attention to a large pho-

tograph of the "Old Sculptor" T. D. Jones, which had

been contributed to the museum by Mr. Claude Meeker.

The masterpiece of Mr. Jones, the "Lincoln Memorial,"

which stood for many years in the rotunda of the State

House at Columbus, is now at the head of the stairway

between the Senate chamber and the State Library.

A vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Meeker for the

gift. On motion the morning session adjourned to meet

in the afternoon.

President Johnson: "We have now come to an im-

portant point in our program. We took it upon our-

selves to send an invitation to a distinguished son of

Ohio to deliver the annual address. The speaker of the

day is a renowned lecturer and educator, a distinguished

statesman, and a beloved neighbor from Yellow Springs.

I ask General Orton to escort to the platform United

States Senator Simeon D. Fess.



spoke as follows:

"Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen: I was considerably

abashed a moment ago, when the Chairman refreshed my memory

-- that I am to deliver the annual address. I recall now that

when the Secretary asked me whether it would be possible for

me to reach this place today, and invited me to address you, that

he did mention something about the annual address. I cannot

express to you my perturbation. I do not like to make an apol-

ogy for being present in a place like this, which represents such

a very important work for the state and nation, and with an un-

usual type of audience, with so slight preparation to do what I

have been announced to do. I say this with a deep desire that