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Reviews, Notes and Comments

Reviews, Notes and Comments.      149

The calendaring of Letters Received in the War De-

partment files was approved.

Dr. Mereness was given an extension of leave to

September 30, with the understanding that he would

continue to exercise general supervision over the work

and that it would be carried forward by Mr. Smith.





Colonel Harry Parker Ward, a life member of the

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, died

at his home in Hamilton, Ohio, October 3, 1926. He

had been ill for some time but seemed slowly on his way

to complete recovery when a sudden, unexpected relapse

occurred, which in a few hours resulted in his passing

away. The funeral services were held at St John's

Episcopal Church in Worthington, October 5.

Colonel Ward was born in Zanesville, Ohio, Sep-

tember 29, 1865, and came to Columbus, Ohio, in 1881,

where, together with his older brother, he engaged in

business. In 1890 he married Caroline Pocock, and

four years later he and his family moved to Worthing-

ton, where he made his home for twenty-three years.

He received the degree of master of arts from Mar-

ietta College. He was past president of the Sons of

the American Revolution and also served as president

of the Columbus Humane Society. He was a member

of the Kit Kat Club for several years, and was active

in local Masonic affairs.

When still young he enlisted in the 17th Infantry,

Ohio National Guard, and was assigned to the com-