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Reviews, Notes and Comments.    151



On the morning of September 20, 1926, John Dana,

a life member of the Ohio State Archaeological and

Historical Society, died at his home in Belpre, Ohio.

The news of his death brought sorrow to friends in his

home town and in Parkersburg, where for many years

he had business and social affiliations. About a year

previous to his death he gave up his business connec-

tions with the Dana Company, Wholesale Grocers, due

to failing health. Of this firm he had been President

since 1910. Recently he lived quietly, enjoying his

books, friends and surroundings, in all of which he

found a lively interest.

He was born in the old Dana homestead near Belpre,

February 10, 1856; was the son of George and Lucy

Brighton Dana; was descended on his father's side from

the Revolutionary soldier, Captain William Dana, who

fought at Lexington; who later left Massachusetts as a

member of the Ohio Company and was one of the found-

ers of the settlement in Marietta in 1788. William

Dana is said to have burned the first brick made in the

Northwest Territory. "Like his descendants, he loved

the beautiful and made his home a habitation of beauty."

His wife was Mary Bancroft. His son George Dana

was born on a farm near Belpre and was educated in

Athens and Marietta Colleges. More than a century

ago this family, it is claimed, set out a grafted apple

orchard, the first in the Ohio Valley, and through the

following years their descendants have kept up their

interest in horticulture.

John Dana was educated in the schools of Belpre

and Marietta College. He married February 10, 1886,