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historic building, but no one has come forward with

the money to purchase and preserve it. It is likely to

share the fate of the house in Niles in which William

McKinley was born.




Judson Harmon, jurist, attorney general in the cabi-

net of President Cleveland and twice elected governor

of Ohio, died in Cincinnati, February 22, 1927. He

was a graduate of Denison University, a lawyer of emi-

nent ability and a life member of the Ohio State Arch-

aeological and Historical Society. During his admin-

istration as governor of the State, provision was made

for the front wing of the present Museum and Library

Building on the University Grounds and for the Hayes

Memorial Building, at Fremont, Ohio. His law part-

ner, Hugh L. Nichols, former Chief Justice of the Su-

preme Court of Ohio, will write a sketch of Governor

Harmon for the QUARTERLY.




The interest of Henry Ford, the Detroit automobile

manufacturer, in the McGuffey Readers and the Mc-

Guffey Society is worthy of note in this issue. Evidence

of his interest in the Readers has been manifest in his

effort to acquire a complete set of them, and in articles

that have appeared at different times in the Dearborn


He has had reprinted at considerable expense the

First, Second, Third and Fourth Readers, editions 1866-