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Reviews and Comments 315

Reviews and Comments           315

1885. A copy of each of these, with his autograph, he

presented to the McGuffey Society of Columbus, Ohio.

They are in the list of books presented to the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society.

Just as we go to press, Henry Ford has contributed

Reprints of the Fifth and Sixth Readers, Copyright of

1866. These complete his series of reprints.




The capital city of Ohio was shocked on January 13,

1927, to learn of the tragic death of Robert Frederick

Wolfe, publisher of the Ohio State Journal and the

Columbus Evening Dispatch. At 11:35 A. M. of that

date he fell from a casement window on the fifth floor

of the Dispatch Building and was instantly killed.

The announcement of his sudden death brought a

shadow of gloom over the city with the realization that

Columbus had lost her most prominent citizen.

Robert Frederick Wolfe was born in Cumberland,

Guernsey County, Ohio, November 7, 1860. He was the

son of Andrew Jackson Wolfe and Nancy Jane Barton

Wolfe. His early boyhood days were spent in his native

village. At the age of eleven years he was working in

a glass factory in Zanesville, Ohio. At the age of four-

teen years he was driving a canal boat between Cumber-

land, Maryland, and Georgetown, District of Columbia.

Later he became a seaman on a steam coasting vessel.

Next he went to New York City where he sold

the New York Sun, then published by Charles A. Dana.

Returning to the sea, he sailed to Cuba and thence to

Louisiana. In the cypress swamps of that state he