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John Allen, author of the following letter, was the

son of James Allen and was born in Rockbridge

County, Virginia, on December 30, 1772.1 The family

moved to Kentucky, in 1787, and settled near the present

Hustonville, Lincoln County. John experienced the

usual excitements of the frontier, and on one occasion

pursued a band of Indians down Rolling Fork into

what is now Casey County.2 About 1790, the family

moved to Simpson's Creek in Nelson County. Young

Allen was sent to school at Bardstown and then to

Staunton, Virginia, to study law. He returned and

opened his law practice at Shelbyville, in 1795, and be-

came unusually successful within a short time. On

October 19, 1799, he married Jenny Logan, daughter

of Benjamin and Sally Logan.3 In 1808, he made the

race for governor against General Charles Scott, and

in spite of his youth, being about thirty-six, and his

lack of military fame, he made a creditable showing.4


1 Biographical Encyclopaedia of Kentucky, 411; Charles K. Gardner,

Dictionary of the Army of the United States, 37.

2 William B. Allen, History of Kentucky, 340-341. The author was a

nephew of Colonel John Allen, but he pays surprisingly little attention to

his uncle.

3 "Marriage Bonds of Shelby County," in Ky. State Hist. Soc.

Register, XXIII, 74. The records show that the girl's name was Jean.

Benjamin Logan was one of the most famous of Kentucky pioneers. He

was in Lord Dunmore's War, in 1774, visited Kentucky in 1775, and

moved in the following year and founded Logan's Station, one mile west

of Stanford, Lincoln County. He took part in many Indian expeditions,

was a member of the conventions of 1792 and 1799, and served repeatedly

in the Legislature. He moved to Shelby County, Kentucky, about 1785.

4 Allen, op. cit., 77.