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580 Ohio Arch

580      Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

portunity to know both sides of the story of the conquest

of the Northwest Territory. Clark's achievement gave

the infant Republic of the United States its claim to the

vast region northwest of the River Ohio and east of the

Mississippi. Assuredly, he and his followers are en-

titled to the memorial that is to be erected on the site

of "Old Vincennes," February 25, 1929, commemorative

of the capture of that Post, February 25, 1779.





This is the title of a work now issuing from the press

of the F. J. Heer Printing Company. It is compiled

under the direction of the Governor, the Secretary of

State and the Adjutant General, in accord with an act

of the General Assembly of Ohio and approved May 8,


Ten volumes of this work have already been printed.

In arrangement for convenient reference they far sur-

pass any rosters of other wars published by the State.

The names of the soldiers, sailors and marines are ar-

ranged alphabetically, with the record of service oppo-

site each. This facilitates, for all time, a reference to

the service of any veteran of the World War.

This is a distinct improvement over the arrangement

by regiments and companies in rosters, previously pub-

lished by the State, of soldiers of the War of 1812, the

War with Mexico and the Civil War. To find the record

of service of a soldier in any of these, one must know his

regiment and company. If the name of the regiment

only is known, it may be necessary to read over almost