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Minutes of the Annual Meeting 561

Minutes of the Annual Meeting      561

listened to some arguments I made there, and now he

will get even by forcing me to listen to him. He holds

a policy in the same life insurance company in which I

hold a policy, but I will not give the name of the com-

pany myself, but I will say that this man has a great

gift of getting into good company, and I want to con-

gratulate him this afternoon on getting into this com-

pany here. He belongs to a race that is a hundred per

cent American, and they were here before we were, and

some still are here. I think we all rejoice in the fact that

we have here a representative of the American, indeed,

a minister of the Gospel of Christ, a fine citizen of our

commonwealth. If you will read this little sketch of him

on the program in your hand, you will find that you have

the pleasure of listening to a man, a graduate of Yale,

who comes along with our American traditions, and

stands today as a sort of linch-pin-as we used to call it

in the old days-of a wagon, a contact between the

things talked about and the things present today. I

count it a privilege to present the speaker this afternoon,

and as I said before, he was the only Cloud on the hori-

zon, but I am sure he will have a silver lining-Doctor

Henry Roe Cloud. (Applause.)



Dr. Henry Roe Cloud then spoke as follows on the

"Mythologies of Our Aborigines in Relation to Pre-

historic Mound Builders in America":

It was with the greatest reluctance that I accepted the invi-

tation to speak before this group of distinguished men and

women. The reasons for this hesitancy were that there is ex-

ceedingly little that I can contribute to a gathering of this kind.

Generous-minded persons would justify my coming here were I

Vol. XXXVIII-36.