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Monument to General Anthony Wayne Unveiled 591

Monument to General Anthony Wayne Unveiled      591

tried paths; the kind of courage by which we can main-

tain our self-respect after it is restored, and by which

we can defend it from behind the walls of a new Fort


Sustained by such courage we can go on and on in-

vincible against whatever evil may be lurking in a new

Fallen Timbers.

Let us then accept this bronze figure which you are

soon to see, as a symbol of civic courage--this figure of

Anthony Wayne--Mad Anthony if you must have it


Hero of Stony Point

Hero of Fallen Timbers

Man of action

Glorious American.


[H. C. Shetrone, chairman of the occasion, after felicitating the people

of Ohio on the consummation of the project and expressing the appreciation

of the Society for the generous manner in which Walter J. Sherman, his

committee and the residents of Toledo and vicinity had co-operated in the



Director of Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The atmosphere of this impressive occasion is dis-

tinctly historic and military in its importance. You

will hear much that is interesting, instructive and enter-

taining this afternoon and this evening from historians

and military experts. Seeking for an anthropological

lesson in this rich historic complex, I find myself asking

the question "Just what does this ceremony mean, and

why are we observing it?" I venture to assume that

the answer lies in the fact that we, as a state and as a