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596 Ohio Arch

596      Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

for regret, nor yet a wrongful act, although the methods

employed were not always beyond reproach. It was not

in the scheme of things that such a vast and fertile

country should remain the abode of a handful of savages

-- perhaps never more than 50,000 in number; the ad-

vance of civilization demanded the change, and the In-

dian gave way to civilization and today. But he was

an Ohioan, just the same, who lived, loved, fought and

died on Ohio soil, even as we. Let us give him belated



[H. Ross Ake, Treasurer of State, brought the greetings of Governor

Myers Y. Cooper who was unavoidably absent because of a previous en-

gagement. Mr. Ake concluded his brief remarks with an original poem

"In Memory of General Wayne at Fallen Timbers."]



Treasurer of State

Mr. Chairman and Fellow Citizens:

It is indeed a great privilege to be present on this

interesting occasion, marking the successful conclusion

of your effort to write into imperishable bronze and in-

delibly into the minds and hearts of the citizenry so im-

portant a part of the history of the Great Northwest.

I am sure that you regret -- as do I -- that the Gov-

ernor of our great State could not be present at the cel-

ebration of this historic event, but it is my privilege and

honor to assure you that he joins none the less sincerely

with us in our humble effort to express in part, our ap-

preciation of the sacred heritage which comes down to

us through the years, from our common benefactors.

May I be permitted to pay this bit of humble tribute

to him in whose honor we have here assembled?