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28 Ohio Arch

28        Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications

master introduced Mrs. Herbert Backus, Vice-President

General of the Daughters of the American Revolution.



Mr. Toastmaster, Distinguished Guests and Friends: A story

was told me the other day of a farmer who took unto himself his

second wife. He brought her to the home of her predecessor.

After some time had elapsed she told him that she needed some

new shoes; that all her shoes were worn out. He said: "Well,

Samantha left a box of shoes in the cupboard. I think perhaps

some of those will fit you." She replied to him, "I know I have

taken Samantha's place but I never expect to fill her shoes."


Our beloved president is Mrs. Hobart. She was expected to

be here tonight but I am here in her place though I never did ex-

pect to fill her shoes. I am very glad to bring you greetings from

the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolu-

tion. (Applause.)

Mr. Loren E. Sowers of Canton, Ohio, past Presi-

dent of the Ohio Society of the Sons of the American

Revolution and past Director-General of the National

Society of that patriotic order, was next introduced and

spoke as follows:



Mr. Toastmaster, Ladies and Gentlemen: As the toastmaster

has already very vividly hinted, it is decidedly an embarrassing

privilege to be permitted to provide the anti-climax of an occasion

such as that of today which has been specialized so notably by the

presence and the stirring address of the Secretary of War rep-

resenting, as he has done, the United States of America upon

this occasion, and that magnificent address by Arthur C. Johnson

this afternoon.

Though embarrassing, it is still a privilege on behalf of the

President-General, the officers and the whole membership of the

National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution to bring

to you tonight greetings and congratulations upon the accomplish-

ments of this splendid thing which has just been finished today.

Under the leadership of the men who have had this task in