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Death came to Miss Lucy E. Keeler at the Memorial

Hospital in Fremont, on Tuesday morning, March 11,

1930. She had been ill since October and had sought

relief in a number of hospitals, but finally returned to

Frement where she gradually grew weaker until her

death. Funeral services were conducted in the Presby-

terian Church of Fremont on the following Thursday.

Some years before her death a newspaper friend

had requested that she prepare a brief sketch of her life

and activities. This she did with the stipulation that it

should not be published until her death. Corrections

were made in this sketch at different times and it was

placed in a safety deposit box in a Fremont bank. Here

her brother, Samuel P. Keeler, found it. From the notes

the following sketch was written and published in the

Fremont Times.



Lucy Elliot Keeler, youngest child of Isaac M. and Janette

Elliot Keeler, was born September 27, 1864, in Fremont, Ohio, in

the house at 417 Birchard avenue which was always her home. She

attended the Fremont public schools and Wells College, but her

education was life long since she was a student by nature and

vocation. After leaving college she joined the correspondence

school initiated by a distant cousin, Miss Anna Ticknor of Bos-

ton, for two years as a student, and for some fifteen or more

years an instructor in American history. This work while gratu-

itous was highly interesting and brought her in contact with in-

teresting people. The annual meetings were held at the famous

Ticknor house in Boston, and President Eliot of Harvard, Dr

Samuel Eliot, head of the Boston schools, and others attended