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On the 19th of May, 1930, Ulysses A. Plyley died at

the age of 85 years. He was born in the house in which

he died. This house is located on Plyley's Ridge, a few

miles west of Chillicothe, Ohio, on the pike leading to

Greenfield. He was the last child to occupy this old

homestead of his father, William Plyley, who had lived

there through his entire married life and had raised

eight children. The eldest child, Clinton, was born there

June 20, 1827, and lived until May 8, 1916. His son,

Lindley, now lives across the road in the ancestral home

established in about the year 1800 by his great grand-

parents, Casper and Margaret (Gossard) Plyley, who

came from Eastern Pennsylvania and settled upon this

plateau which afterwards came to be known as Plyley's

Ridge, and is still so designated. These people were

sturdy Dutch descendants. With their energetic and

economic habits they laid the foundation for a prosper-

ous future, not alone for themselves but for those mem-

bers of the family they left behind; for they raised a

large family and provided them with farms as they

reached maturity and married.  Like all these early

pioneers, it was not without many hardships and heart-

aches that a sure and prosperous footing was secured.

In their early years, it was necessary for the boys to go

barefooted in winter. It was not long, however, until

this economic difficulty was overcome; then they could