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Fort Fizzle 49

Fort Fizzle                     49


He made them a neat speech telling them of the obligations they

owed to themselves, and to their children and their country; dep-

recating the necessity of bringing armed soldiers into the county,

and winding up by assuring them that he would not leave until

the guilty were delivered into his hands, and they promise to

make no more resistance to the laws of the county.

We are under many obligations to Mr. and Mrs. Bowers and

Mr. Thomas Fetterman of Napoleon, and Mr. and Mrs. Austin

of Loudonville, for favors conferred, for which they will please

accept our thanks.





(War of the Rebellion--Official Records, Series 1, Vol. XXIII;

Part I, Reports, pp. 395-396.)

Report of Col. Wm. Wallace, 15th Ohio Infantry,

Commanding United States Forces in Ohio.


COLUMBUS, June 20, 1863.


I have the honor to submit my report of the expedition un-

der my command, which left this city by order of Brigadier-

General Mason, on Tuesday night, June 16, 1863, for the pur-

pose of suppressing an alleged insurrection in Holmes County,


The forces under my command consisted of 230 exchanged

men from Camp Chase, 50 sharpshooters from Camp Dennison,

1OO men of the Governor's guard and one section of Captain

Neil's battery.

I disembarked at Lake Station (known as Lakeville) on the

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, about 6 a. m.,

June 17, and at 7 a. m. commenced the march for Napoleon

(now Glenmont), about 12 miles distant, via Nashville.

I reached Napoleon about 4 p. m. where I ascertained the

Vol. XL--4.