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In volume XXXIV of the Ohio Archaeological and

Historical Quarterly, pages 143-153, appeared a contri-

bution entitled, "Tecumseh and His Descendants,"

gleaned from authentic records furnished by Thomas

Wildcat Alford, scholarly and cultured gentleman, one

of the great-grandsons of the famous chieftain, Tecum-

seh, born in Ohio, and later one of the most intrepid and

resourceful leaders of the confederate tribes in their

campaigns against the Americans in the War of 1812.

In his extended list of the descendants of Tecumseh now

living, Mr. Alford gave Little Jim, the son of Big Jim,

as the great-grandson and lineal successor of Tecumseh

and the present Chief of the Absentee Shawnee Indians

in Oklahoma. It was a matter of interest to many

readers to know that so many of the descendants of

Tecumseh are now living in the United States, including

his lineal successor as chief of the remnant of that once

powerful tribe that held sway in the valley of the Scioto

River. They will now be pleased to know still more of

Little Jim, whose Indian name is To-tom-mo.

In a recent issue of the Friend, published in Rich-

mond, Indiana, is his story as follows:




Many, many moons ago (in 1768) my forefathers lived near

the place where Springfield, Ohio, now stands. Before that they

* Note: The historical facts of this story are taken from Compton's

Pictured Encyclopedia.