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In 1865 Dr. Edward Orton and his family came to

Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he had accepted the posi-

tion of Professor of Natural History in Antioch Col-

lege. From that date until the year 1932, a period of

sixty-seven years, the name Edward Orton has become

widely known in Ohio and has stood for worthy effort

and eminent achievement. None has continuously and

longer held a more honorable place in the public esteem

and in the educational, scientific and moral progress of

the State.

Edward Orton, Sr., was the son of Reverend Samuel

Gibbs Orton, D. D., and Clara (Gregory) Orton. Both

parents were of English ancestry and long resident in

this country. The father was a clergyman of the Pres-

byterian denomination and spent the years of his min-

istry in Western New York. Here Edward Orton, Sr.,

spent most of his youth and prepared for college. In

1845 he entered Hamilton College and was graduated

in 1848. In 1849-1850 he was a student at the Lane

Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio. He afterward

taught in different institutions and attended the Law-

rence Scientific School of Harvard University. He also

spent a year in the Andover Theological Seminary. In

1856 he was ordained to the Presbyterian ministry.

From 1859-1865 he was principal of an academy at

Chester, Orange County, New York. In 1865 he was

elected Professor of Natural History in Antioch Col-

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