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Dr. George Wells Knight joined the Faculty of the

Ohio State University in 1885. He served as teacher

of History in that institution to within a short time of

his death, which occurred Wednesday morning, Febru-

ary 10, 1932. In this long and uninterrupted service,

his teaching and personality left an impression upon a

large number of students who in their turn will transmit

it in an ever widening circle of influence.

When he came to accept a position in the University,

he found here an enrollment of 323 students. Today the

enrollment has grown to 15,126. The influence of a

thorough, earnest, enthusiastic teacher, will long sur-

vive him, and all of these was Dr. Knight. While his

devotion to his chosen profession kept him close to the

University and his well grounded conservatism pre-

vented excursions in the fields of fantastic and doubtful

experiment, he was not unmindful or neglectful of his

duties to the community and exemplified throughout his

career the ideal of the scholarly citizen.

George Wells Knight was born in Ann Arbor, Mich-

igan, June 25, 1858. He was the son of Johnson Wells

and Cornelia Hibbard Knight. He was of New Eng-

land ancestry. His paternal and maternal ancestors had

served in the Revolution. He was great-grandson to

Rufus Johnson, who had served in the Fourth Regiment

of the Connecticut Line; great-great-grandson of Obe-

diah Johnson, a colonel of the Connecticut Militia, who

served as Lieutenant-Colonel of the Continental Army.