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Secretary-Treasurer of C. F. Kettering, Inc., Dayton, Ohio.


George Bancroft Smith, Secretary-Treasurer of C.

F. Kettering, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, was born November

16, 1867, at Phillipsburg, Ohio, a son of Lewis R. Smith

who was actively identified in the legal profession, at

one time in the contracting business, and of Mary

(John) Smith. Ancestry on father's side Scotch and

Holland Dutch; on mother's side of Welsh descent.

George Bancroft Smith received a public school

education at Phillipsburg and Brookville, Ohio, sup-

plemented by a course at Miami Commercial College of


Shortly after he went to work for The Smith & Vaile

Company, Dayton, Ohio, as bookkeeper and paymaster.

This company was succeeded by The Stillwell-Bierce &

Smith-Vaile Company which in turn was succeeded by

The Platt Iron Works Co. He remained with them

until 1906 when he held the position of Assistant Secre-

tary and Assistant Treasurer. From 1906-1908 he was

identified with the E. J. Barney interests, including The

Craig-Reynolds Foundry Company, as Secretary-Treas-

urer. In 1908 he joined another of the Barney interests,

The Kinnard Mfg. Co. becoming President, Treasurer

and General Manager thereof. He remained with them

until 1916 when he accepted the position of Financial

Representative of Colonel Edward A. Deeds and Charles

F. Kettering of Dayton, (Delco, Delco-Light, etc.) and