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By the death of Winthrop Sargent VII of Haver-

ford, Pennsylvania, on March 29, 1932, this Society

sustained the loss of a generous friend and life member.

It was chiefly through his aid that the Ohio State Arch-

aeological and Historical Society came into the posses-

sion of the valuable historical papers of Winthrop Sar-

gent, Secretary of the Northwest Territory from its

organization until 1798.

In the year 1904 the writer learned that a relative of

his who was a manuscript collector was about to make a

trip to New York City. The writer had been in corre-

spondence with William Butler Duncan whose wife was

a descendant of Secretary Winthrop Sargent and

learned that he had in his possession a large collection

of important Sargent papers covering in part the terri-

torial period of the old Northwest. At the request of

the manuscript collector the writer sent a letter to Mr.

Duncan with whom he had been in correspondence. The

collector had a very pleasant visit with Mr. Duncan

whom he found rather cordially disposed toward the

suggestion that the manscript letters be forwarded to

the Ohio State Library. Nothing, however, resulted

farther from the visit. Later the writer, who was then

State Librarian, called on Mr. Duncan in his New York

office, but Mrs. Duncan was not yet ready to part with

these precious letters. After the deaths of Mr. and

Mrs. Duncan the papers passed into the hands of Win-

throp Sargent, who in the Sargent Genealogy is desig-

nated as Winthrop Sargent VII, and his cousin, Pro-

fessor Charges Sprague Sargent of Harvard College.

In 1926 Winthrop Sargent VII and Charles Sprague