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558 Ohio Arch

558       Ohio Arch. and Hist. Society Publications


County. Several additional parks shortly will be placed in our

custody. In connection with two or three of the park properties

there has been some lack of agreement as to methods of adminis-

tration. The Director, accompanied by Trustee J. C. Goodman,

Chairman of the Committee on State Parks, recently visited these

properties, conferred with local committees, and provided means

for correcting the situations.

It may seem superfluous to consume the brief time at the dis-

posal of this Annual Meeting in reviewing past accomplishments;

however, the justification lies in the fact that members of the

staff, who toil patiently month after month are entitled to this

annual consideration, although most of you already are acquainted

with their accomplishments. If time permitted I should like to

discuss generalities of Society concern; but this will have to await

another time. Those of us solicitous of the Society's welfare

and its future must not lose sight of the fact that the world is

undergoing a social revolution, and that ours, along with all other

institutions, must be awake to the new interpretation of affairs.

Without going into details I may summarize our need at this time

as lying in the direction of alertness in rendering a maximum

service to our public and, when the time arises, of finding a way

to affect a more satisfactory legal status for the Society in the

state government. This latter should be based, I believe, on the

idea of appropriations made in payment of a definite service to

the public, along the lines of existing legislation with respect to

cities and counties, but not as yet extending to the commonwealth.

Under authority of the Board of Trustees, your director has under

way a study of the situation from a nation-wide point of view,

and in cooperation with the American Association of Museums

and museum authorities. The results of this survey, with possible

recommendations, will be submitted to you at a later date.



Collection of Civil War Envelopes; lent by Miss Martha Sproat,

Chillicothe, O.

Siderite, iron carbonate; gift, W. J. Nonnenmacher, Columbus, O.