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George Armstrong Custer 651

George Armstrong Custer        651





On December 5th, 1839, the people of New Rumley

were extending their neighborly congratulations upon

the birth of a boy. Today, after the lapse of nearly a

hundred years, the people of Ohio are extending to the

village of New Rumley their congratulations upon the

same event; and the nation honors Ohio as the birth-

place of George Armstrong Custer, a national hero.

In the unveiling of this splendid statue, the State of

his nativity pays a deserved, although, perhaps, a be-

lated tribute to a military figure whose record is unique.

A general at the age of twenty-four, his impetuous gen-

ius had already earned for him the confidence of his

superiors in rank; and at twenty-six, when the Civil War

came to a close, he ranked in the esteem of the army, and

in popularity throughout the country, among the tower-

ing figures of that terrible conflict. He stands in history

against no background of mediocrity. His companions

in arms were Sheridan and Sherman, McClellan, Meade,

and Grant. His opponents were Jeb Stuart and Jubal

Early and Robert E. Lee. Yet in this company his name

shines forth upon the scroll of time and gathers lustre

with every passing year.

Men, even heroes, are the products of their heredity

and of their environment. In honoring Custer, we also

pay our tribute to the people of this community. They

too are descendants of the pioneer stock and have lived

among the everlasting hills of Harrison County. Who


* Address delivered at dedication of the Custer monument, New Rum-

ley, Ohio, June 22, 1932.