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Our meeting tonight is occasioned by the departure

of our president from our community and his resignation

as president of this Association and chairman of the

Schoenbrunn Committee. The purpose of the meeting

is to take account of his services and express our grati-

tude for what he has done and what he has been.

We meet as historians; and retrospection is the busi-

ness of historians. Historians look back through the

years, put together scraps of evidence of the life of

former times, and then make estimates of men and meas-

ures as viewed in the reconstructed scene.

In accordance with this function of historians, and

in order to proceed according to our habit of thought,

I am going to ask you to project yourselves into the

future one hundred and fifty years and then turn and

look back to our times and view the character and works

of Brother Joseph E. Weinland. We shall be better able

to estimate his worth if we see him in true historical

perspective. It is a generally recognized fact that the

significance of a man's character and work cannot be

properly estimated by his contemporaries. It is one of

the rules for admission to the Hall of Fame at New

York that the bust or memorial of no man shall be voted

* An address at a special meeting of the Tuscarawas County Historical

Society in honor of Rev. Joseph E. Weinland.