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Ohio Art and Artists. By Edna Maria Clark, M.A.

(Richmond. Garrett and Massie, pp. XIII, 509, $7.50.)

In the second paragraph of this attractive, interest-

ing and informing volume, the author, Mrs. Clark,

makes the following statement:

The need of a volume of this kind was brought forcefully to

the author's attention during an eight-year period of service as

chairman of art for the Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs, when

club women made frequent requests for information regarding

Ohio artists. It was a matter of deep regret to be able to give

them only a few scattered references for a small number of artists

of the state. If this book fills, even partially, the need that arose

at that time, it will have justified its publication.

If the ladies of the women's clubs were demanding

such a volume in a larger sense we may rest assured the

librarians of Ohio and other states will be gratified to

know that there is now available a book that treats ade-

quately and exhaustively the subject of Ohio Art and

Artists. Librarians, we are sure, have for years been

somewhat embarrassed that there has been no book

treating the subject. That need has now been met in

Mrs. Clark's sumptuously and attractively illustrated

book received from the press. No better index to its

content can be given than the captions of the sixteen

chapters and four appendices. They are as follows: