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Report of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting 345

Report of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting     345


The bicentennial of the birth of George Washington was ex-

tensively celebrated within the past year. An extended account of

the pageant representing Washington's journey on the Ohio River

in 1770 was published in the QUARTERLY for January, 1933.

The Ohio History Conference at a meeting here went on

record in favor of the preparation of a check-list of newspapers.

Within the past year, through the commendable industry of Mr.

Simpson and his assistants, a check-list of the 24,000 volumes of

newspapers in the library of this Society has been made and is

now ready for the press. When published it will be welcomed by

a great number of research workers and by every research library

in the United States.

The work of the past year has been done under a cloud of

"depression" that over-shadows our country and other lands. It

has fallen with discriminating weight on this institution. I regret

to report that because of shortage of funds through no fault of

theirs, a number of employes have been temporarily dropped from

the payroll of this Society and the salaries of all others have been

substantially reduced. The world is making history today. One

of the greatest contributions to that history in this crisis is the

patient patriotism of the American people--the so-called common

people upon whom this depression falls with a nerve-wrecking

force not less destructive than the shell shock of war.

The philosophy of the hour for the depressed is to bear up

bravely and gather whatever of consolation there may be in the

thought that they are of the army of patient patriots, as valiant

and worthy as ever wrought and suffered for home and country.




Section I. The Board of Trustees shall hold four regular

meetings each year on Tuesday of the last full week of January,

April, July and October. The President at any time may call, and

at the request in writing of five members shall call, a special meet-

ing of the Board. At least three days' notice of each meeting shall

be given in writing to the Trustees.



Section 2. The Director and Secretary shall be present at all

meetings of the Trustees unless excused by the Board. They may

participate in the consideration of matters before the Board but

may not vote thereon.