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Report of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting 353

Report of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting    353

and expectancy, the action of the Legislature and the administra-

tion on the forthcoming permanent budget.



During the past year a number of accessions have been made

to museum collections as per attached list. In each case the proper

acknowledgment has been made and the various items catalogued,

placed on exhibition, or stored as seemed advisable.

As Staff Artist I take pleasure in reporting the completion

and installation of a series of eighteen decorative panels in the

South Hall of Archaeology. These panels suggest the probable

method of using the various types of stone implements exhibited

in nearby cases, and help to relieve the somewhat cold and color-

less aspect formerly noticed in this room.

As Curator of Minerals I may report the addition of a num-

ber of specimens through an exchange with the Dayton Public

Library Museum, also through donations. The mineral collection

has been utilized as a source of inspiration by students of design

in the Department of Fine Arts of the Ohio State University

during the past year, and designs made by them are now on ex-

hibition in the Museum.



The following accessions have been made to Museum collec-

tions during the past year. Unless otherwise noted, they have

been gifts.

Leland R. Adams, Akron, O. Map of Ohio by Rufus Putnam,

papers and documents of historical interest. Loan.

Mrs. Elmer Adell, Columbus. Gasoline iron.

Harry Allensworth, Columbus. Fireman's helmet and trumpet.

Capt. W. J. Armstrong, Columbus. Army overcoat.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Eng. Cremated bones, Wittenham,

Berkshire, Eng.

A. J. Bancroft, Columbus. Powder flask and hammer-stone.

The Bell Telephone Company. Model of Bell's first telephone.

Miss Alice Boardman, Columbus. Lincoln & Hamlin, Lincoln &

Johnson, Garfield & Arthur, and Union State Ticket, ballots.

H. F. Brennan, Newark, 0. Muster Roll Book and Militia Gen.

Orders. Loan.

T. S. Brindle, Sup't Ohio Canal Commission, drawings of canal

aqueduct. Loan.

Walter D. Brown, Jackson, O. Sword and cane. Loan.

The Bucher Engraving Company, Columbus. Airplane view of


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