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In the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly,

volume 31, pages 215-217, there is a sketch of Governor

Othniel Looker. In it is copied a previous sketch in

which the statement was made that Governor Looker

left no records relative to his life succeeding his service

in the governorship and that he died unmarried. The

sketch at that time furnished from reliable sources by

the present writer, gave additional information that

almost entirely discredited the biographical notice that

had been circulated about Ohio for about half a century.

It was shown that he was married and that a number of

his descendants are still living in different parts of the

United States. The sketch contained also a record of

his service in the Revolutionary War and in the General

Assembly of the State of New York before he came to

Ohio. The children of Governor Looker there named,

were B. F., James, Harvey, Pamela, and Rachel L.

Recently much additional information has been received

on the descendants of Governor Looker from Mrs. Elea-

nor John Darrow, 2052 South Seventh Street, Cuyahoga

Falls, Ohio.  Mrs.  Darrow  is a great-great-grand-

daughter of Governor Looker. From her letter we

learn that Governor Looker had a large family. His

wife's name was Pamela Clark. Following are the

names of his children in the order of their ages: