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At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio

State Archaeological and Historical Society Secretary

Galbreath concluded a tribute to Dr. W. O. Thompson

as follows:

After retirement from the presidency of the Ohio State

University November 5, 1925, Dr. Thompson became president

emeritus of that institution. In that position there was no dimi-

nution of the widening sphere of his helpful service. We are re-

minded on this occasion particularly of his service to The Ohio

State Archaeological and Historical Society. He became a mem-

ber of its board of trustees soon after he entered upon his duties

as president of the Ohio State University, and in that capacity

he continued to the last meeting of the board of trustees, Oc-

tober 24, 1933, presiding on that occasion with his usual activity

and vigor. He felt that his acceptance even of the humblest po-

sition carried with it the obligation to perform its duties. The

records of the Society attest a commendable regularity in attend-

ance at its meetings and the committees on which he served, and

a lively interest in all matters that came before it for discussion.

As Dr. Thompson grew in honor, eminence and influence, he

remained always the commoner. The struggle of his early years

to gain an education was a basic element in the training that made

him a great educator. The humblest worthy citizen could always

approach him without embarrassment and the humblest student

could always feel assured of his sympathy. His service con-

stitutes an era in the educational history of Ohio and of this


While his absence is still felt, his faithful, unselfish and

helpful service is an inspiring memory.

Resolved, That we here record our abiding gratitude that