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Charles Burleigh Galbreath--1858-1934. A simple

statement this, of itself; but on second thought it be-

comes much more than a mere epitaph.

For a human life to span three-quarters of a century

is sufficiently unusual; but when the life of a Charles

Burleigh Galbreath parallels the most remarkable three-

quarter century period the world has known, the result

is epochal. Time of itself, like an unheard sound in the

wilderness, means nothing; but when time is coupled

with human activity, we have history.

In view of these facts one is tempted, in preparing

a sketch of the life of our lamented friend, to exceed

the justification of the present occasion. The tempta-

tion is to essay an evaluation of the man with respect

to the times in which he lived; in other words, to write

a history of the period extending from 1858 to 1934.

Needless to say this undertaking lies entirely outside the

ability of your speaker and the scope of this paper, and

therefore is left to the historian and the biographer.

The salient facts regarding the life of Professor Gal-

breath are matters of record in several appropriate pub-

lications, and need not be repeated here. However, as

a matter of record for the Kit-Kat Club,?? they are ap-

pended to this sketch. In the end, then, I shall content

myself with offering to this small circle of friends of


* Read before the Kit-Kat Club, April 17, 1934.

?? They appear on pages 115-122 of this number of the QUARTERLY.