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24, 1934, and that a copy of the same be sent to his sur-

viving wife and son.




My grief must not disturb the sleep

Of one who found his needed rest,

Though loss of him has made me weep;

He loved my happiness the best,

My songs of gladness and of youth,

And he would have this tribute be

Some unaffected, gentle truth

For his beloved humanity.

He gave so much, and gave so well:

And while men whisper, "He is gone;"

I feel the things that he would tell,

In poet-hearts will still live on;

In winds that croon and stars that glow,

And in the crimson poppy's flame--

He will come back again I know,

To hearts remembering his name!

So often have his kindly words

Encouraged me to better rhyme;

Oh! Wind and trees and singing birds,

Pay homage through unending time,

To him who loved all nature's things!

Oh! Poets, pen your sweetest themes,

And angels spread your quiet wings

Above his silent place of dreams.

--Mildred Schanck.

(From "A Verse for Today" column of the Columbus Evening Dis-

patch, April 16, 1934.)



"Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord....Yea.... that they may

rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."

--Rev. 14:13.

He is at rest. Our listening ears

Attuned to that calm, gentle voice,

Will wait in vain through coming years

To hear what made us all rejoice.