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From the shadows of night they called for the dawn

In notes that were subtle and clear,

In a strain of music too exquisite

For the range of mortal ear.

From their leafy columns and battlements

That were moist with the morning dew,

A call for light and a reveille

From the bells of their bugles they blew.

And lo! up the east in the blush of the rose

Came the tremulous light of the morn,

And earth awoke in the fullness of joy

To welcome the day new-born.

In color arrayed on trellis and wall

The heralds stepped into view

And bravely their passionate greetings poured

From their bugles of pink, white and blue.

When up the sky to the throne of light

They had played the god of day,

Like spirits elate with a work well done

They folded their bugles away.--

Up the quiet valley one autumn night

Came the hoar mist grim and slow,

And stilled were the minstrels; their music no more

From the bells of their bugles they blow.

1 The following poems of Mr. Galbreath are republished to give the

readers some idea of his versatility as a poet.--Editor.




Fair dreamer with the brand of fire,

A little respite grant, I pray,

Before you toss me on the pyre

To burn my wasted form away;

Though I have felt the spoiler's knife

And to this rubbish heap have gone,

I was a thing of sentient life

And beautiful to look upon.