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The shadows of the night

By magic of their might

And with electric light

Illume the world.1

Thy sons are bold to soar

On airways to explore

Celestial things.

They rise to dizzy height,

They bask in higher light

And scorn the eagle's flight

On swifter wings.2

Ohio, bounteous state,

Home of the brave and great,

Of faith sublime;

Pride of the great Northwest,

Heart in the Nation's breast,

State we would make the best

Through endless time!

(Copyrighted, 1931, by C. B. Galbreath. All rights reserved.)

1 Charles Francis Brush and Thomas Edison invented respectively the

arc and the incandescent electric lights.

2 The Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville, invented the first suc-

cessful airplane.

Brush, Edison and Orville Wright were born in Ohio.




Our words and actions never fail

A sure return as joys or ills;

This world is all an echo vale

Between the mute eternal hills.

Our life we make a field or fen,

We fill our days with bliss or bale;

What we give forth comes back again,

This world is all an echo vale.