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The numerous acquaintances and friends of Archer

Butler Hulbert have heard with regret the news of his

death. This is especially true in Ohio where he lived

many years, where he finished his college education at

Marietta, where he commenced his literary career at

Columbus, and where he taught for a time in his alma

mater. Though born in another State, his interest in

Ohio and her uncomparable history was sympathetic and


We have before us a copy of the Colorado Springs

Evening Telegraph of December 25, 1933, which has an

extended obituary sketch from which we quote:

"Death last night closed the notable career of Dr. Archer

Butler Hulbert, 60, following only a week's illness with influenza

at his home, 14 East Fontanero Street. Educator, writer and

lecturer, Dr. Hulbert had carved a niche in the hall of fame as an

authority on American history, the latter years of his career hav-

ing been devoted to his writings on the history of the American

west. He was professor of history and head of the history de-

partment at Colorado College and director of the Stewart Com-

mission on Western History, an important branch of the college.

Stricken ill only a week ago, few people realized the serious-

ness of Dr. Hulbert's condition. The middle of last week he

appeared greatly improved but Saturday took a turn for the worse

and yesterday afternoon failed rapidly, death coming at 10:15

o'clock last night. The shock of his death cast a shadow over the

Christmas holiday for hundreds of friends and today messages of

sympathy came from all parts of the country to members of his

1 This sketch was left unfinished by Mr. Galbreath at the time of his


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