Ohio History Journal



At the October, 1934, meeting of the Board of Trustees of

the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society a recom-

mendation was made that a Board of Editors be appointed to

cooperate with the editor in determining the character and quality

of material to be published in the QUARTERLY. It was suggested

that the members of this Board be chosen pretty widely from the

historical activities of the State, making it a capable and repre-

sentative body.

At the same meeting the editor submitted a recommendation

that there be a greater variety of material published in the

QUARTERLY, making possibly a more general appeal to readers,

but at the same time maintaining a standard of historical and

scientific accuracy and dignity, and that the more lengthy contri-

butions formerly published in the QUARTERLY be reserved for

publication in the new series of Collections provided for in 1930.

This was approved by the Board. The Board also authorized the

discontinuance of the old Publications series of the Society since

that series was simply a duplication of the regular QUARTERLY in

bound form.

The Board also approved a recommendation that action be

taken to improve the appearance of the QUARTERLY as much as

possible. This issue speaks for itself in this particular.