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Civilization of the Old Northwest 1788-1812. By Beverley

W. Bond, Jr. (The Macmillan Company, New York, 1934.

543p. $3.50.)

Dr. Bond, Professor of History in the University of Cincin-

nati, has made a real contribution to the history of Ohio and the

Old Northwest in this book in which he presents a careful study

of the political, social and economic history of this region between

1788 and 1812. The book is divided into fourteen chapters deal-

ing with the basis for civilization, the lure of western lands, gov-

ernment in the wilderness, the beginnings of government in Ohio,

Indiana and Michigan, the conquest of the Indians, pioneer agri-

culture, beginnings of communication, the rise of trade and in-

dustry, cultural and social foundations, religion and order, and

the vindication of the American Colonial policy.

In his preface, Bond states that his aim "has been to present

a composite view of the civilization that arose in the formation of

the Old Northwest between the first settlement at Marietta in

1788 and the outbreak of the War of 1812." Covering this pe-

riod the book shows the remarkable rate at which American in-

stitutions were implanted in the wilderness and traces the develop-

ment of a society that was learning for the first time to think of

itself as American rather than sectional. The author has drawn

extensively for his source material from the early newspapers of

the Ohio Valley.

One critic writes that "it is sound, it is authentic, it is tre-

mendously worthwhile."

Bond has delved heavily into the early history of Ohio both

in America and in the Public Records Office and the British Mu-

seum in England, and is recognized as an authority in this field of

American history. This book is a valuable contribution and a

distinct addition to the historical literature of this region, and it

is expected that the author will make further contributions to the

literature of this particular field.

(156)                 H. L.