Ohio History Journal

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Contributors to This Issue

EMERSON F. GREENMAN is curator of archaeology in the

Ohio State Museum.

MAURICE F. NEUFELD is an assistant in the Department of

History in the University of Wisconsin. He received the degree

of Master of Arts in 1932 and "Three Aspects of the Economic

Life of Cincinnati from 1815 to 1840" forms a part of his mas-

ter's thesis.

EDGAR ERSKINE HUME, an officer of the Medical Corps of

the regular United States Army, is librarian of the Army Medical

Library in Washington, D. C. This is his twenty-first publication

about the Cincinnati.

JAMES H. RODABAUGH is a graduate and holds an M. A. de-

gree from Miami University and is now a university scholar in

the Department of History in the Graduate School of Ohio State


JESSE H. SHERA is bibliographer for the Scripps Foundation

at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

WILLIAM D. OVERMAN is curator of history in the Ohio

State Museum.

OSMAN C. HOOPER is professor of journalism in Ohio State

University and editor of the book review section of the Columbus

Sunday Dispatch.


Reprints of any paper published in the Ohio State Archaeo-

logical and Historical QUARTERLY may be obtained by the contrib-

utor. Estimates of the cost will be furnished on request, and re-

quests should be made to the editor before the issue containing

the article is published.