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From the Private Press of Dard Hunter at


1. The Etching of Figures, by William Aspinwall Bradley,

with an original etching by William Aurback Levy. Printed for

the Chicago Society of Etchers, 1915. Quarto, 13p. and colo-

phon, black and red. Grey boards, j.v. back. 250 copies.

2. The Etching of Contemporary Life, by Frank Weiten-

kampf, with an original etching by Ernest D. Roth (laid in).

Printed for the Chicago Society of Etchers, 1916. Quarto, 11p.

and colophon, black and red. Binding same as Etching of Figures.

270 copies.


From the Mountain House Press

3. Old Papermaking, by Dard Hunter, 1923. Illustrations

and specimens of old papers. 12 x 81/4, 112p. Bound in green

and white paper boards. 200 copies.

4. The Literature of Papermaking (1390-1800), by Dard

Hunter, 1925. Illustrated folio, sheets in portfolio. 190 copies.

5. Primitive Papermaking, by Dard Hunter, 1927. Illus-

trations, photographs and specimens of papers. Folio, 48p. of

text, 27 leaves of specimens, black and brown, sheets in port-

folio. 200 copies.

6. Old Papermaking in China and Japan, by Dard Hunter,

1933. Illustrated with 37 reproductions and 32 inserts; wood

engravings by Julius J. Lankes. Bound by Peter Franck. Large

folio, 80p. 200 copies.

Other Works

7. Handmade Paper and Its Watermarks: A Bibliography.

New York, 1916.