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In the autumn of 1927, at the invitation of Mr. George R.

Fox of the Chamberlain Memorial Museum of Three Oaks,

Michigan, a small group of museum workers from Northern

Indiana and Southern Michigan met in Three Oaks for a con-

ference and round table discussion. Mr. Charles E. Brown, chief

of the Wisconsin Historical Museum at Madison, was in at-

tendance and led some of the discussions. At the close of the

day's activities all present had enjoyed such a profitable exchange

of ideas that it was decided to form a little organization to meet

annually. Thus was born the Michigan-Indiana Museums Asso-

ciation. This continued to function for several years and at the

Peru, Indiana, meeting in 1931 representatives from Ohio were

invited to join, thus making it a tri-state organization.

The association met in 1927 in Three Oaks, Michigan; in

1928, Battle Creek, Michigan; in 1929, Ann Arbor, Michigan;

in 1930, South Bend, Indiana; in 1931, Peru, Indiana. The

1932 annual meeting scheduled for Battle Creek, Michigan, was

not held until 1933, and the 1934 conference was held in Colum-

bus, Ohio. The 1935 session will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The following have served as presidents of the association:

George R. Fox, Carl E. Guthe and Harlow Lindley. Edward

M. Brigham, Jr., of Battle Creek, Michigan, has served as sec-

retary-treasurer since the beginning of the organization.

The attendance at the Columbus meeting was representative.

Four Michigan museums were represented, five from Indiana

and nine from Ohio. The program arranged for was carried

out in full. Mrs. William W. Gaar of Richmond, Indiana, pre-