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Contributors to This Issue.

CLARE DOWLER holds a Master's degree from Duke Uni-

versity, the thesis for which was "The Life, Letters, and Works

of John James Piatt, 1835-1882."

CLARENCE H. CRAMER is a member of the History Depart-

ment of Southern Illinois State Normal University.

GEORGE KUMMER holds a Master's degree in English from

Harvard and is studying for his Doctor's degree at Columbia.

REV. R. PIERCE BEAVER is pastor of the Evangelical Re-

formed Church of Oakley in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The late ALBERT L. SLAGER was for many years secretary and

curator of the Clark County Historical Society. His contribution

is published at the request of the Clark County Historical Society

in memory of his years of service.

ORTON G. RUST is a member of the staff of the Springfield

Daily News and Sun and a member of the Society's standing Com-

mittee on Cooperation.

MISS M. Avis PITCHER is a graduate student of North-

western University.


Reprints of any paper published in the Ohio State Archaeolog-

ical and Historical QUARTERLY may be obtained by the contributor.

Estimates of the cost will be furnished on request, and requests

should be made to the editor before the issue containing the article

is published.


A complete list of the publications of the Society will be sent

free on request.