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stalled Lithic Laboratory, and assisted generally in routine duties in the


The Department of Natural History completed the rearrangement of

the bird and mammal study collections; conducted work on a series of dis-

tribution maps on orthoptera and Ohio mammals; collected more than

10,000 specimens of Ohio insects; received numerous accessions of birds,

mammals, reptiles, amphibia, and insects from generous donors; and carried

on the usual routine duties of the Department.

On November 1, 1937, Dr. William D. Overman was granted a year's

leave of absence as curator of the Department of History and Mr. John O.

Marsh was appointed to fill the vacancy.  During the year a complete

change in case arrangement, displays and labeling has been effected in the

Department and additional new  material acquired.  A  series of special

exhibits was prepared in connection with the interest occasioned by the

celebration of the founding of the Northwest Territory.

In addition to his duties as curator of history Mr. Marsh has served

as State Director of the Historical Records Survey and of the Federal

Archives Survey, thereby adding much prestige to the Society.

On March 1, 1938, Mr. H. R. McPherson resigned as curator of

State Memorials and was succeeded by Mr. Erwin C. Zepp, erstwhile as-

sistant curator. During the year the Department has carried on the resto-

ration of the Paul Laurence Dunbar home in Dayton, acquired through

legislative appropriation.  Close cooperation in the Northwest Territory

Celebration has demanded much of the curator's time, particularly with

respect to the preparation of several floats, which have joined in the cele-

bration in central Ohio towns and cities.

The routine duties connected with forty-one prehistoric and historic

areas in custody of the Society has been a heavy burden on the Depart-

ment. Curator Zepp has given a good deal of time to a study of these

properties with the idea of determining which of those of lesser impor-

tance may eventually be cared for by local agencies.

The Registrar, in addition to his usual duties, has spent considerable

time in rearrangement of exhibits, the lettering of signs and in the making

of labels. A list of accessions during the year is appended hereto.

H. C. SHETRONE, Director.

List of Accessions

Cotton cloth from Inca burial, Mrs. G. W. Knight, Tucson, Arizona.

Sword and military uniforms, Col. George L. Converse, Columbus.

Cane, William C. Hall, Newark.

Cornsheller and metal square, Charles Binning, Roscoe.

Mill pick, W. G. Davis, Leesburg.

Hatrack and motto, Miss Josephine Parrett, Columbus.

Mill pick, Charles Neptune, Roscoe.

Glassworkers materials, Joseph Slight, Columbus.

Colt revolver, Charles Binning, Roscoe.

Flags and broadside, John S. Campbell, Jr., Cadiz.

Bittikofer Bible, Supt. F. G. Bittikofer, Marysville. Loan.

Picture of Gen. Grant and family, Miss Helen Read, Columbus.

Oil painting, Norris Schneider, Zanesville.

Piano player, Miss Josephine Parrett, Columbus.

Pair of boots, Homer Ellis, Columbus.

Misc. historical material, Miss Mary A. J. Ballard, Richmond, Indiana.

Family portraits, Miss Mary A. J. Ballard, Richmond, Indiana.