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during the past year (Mr. Johnson, President; Mr. Eagleson, First Vice-

President; Mr. Lindley, Secretary; and Mr. Miller, Treasurer) be re-

elected for the coming year and that the secretary be instructed to cast

the ballot for their re-election. This motion, seconded by Mr. Spetnagel,

was unanimously approved. Mr. Johnson asked that the secretary draft

letters to the two retiring members of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Gold-

man and Mr. Goodman, thanking them for their services in behalf of the

Society. This suggestion was approved.

The secretary spoke briefly of the sessions of the Ohio History Con-

ference already held and of those yet to come.

Mr. Smith kindly offered to present to the Library of the Society

a special edition, autographed copy of Charlotte Reeve Conover's Builders

in New Fields, which bears directly on the history of Dayton. Apprecia-

tion of this generous gift was spoken by the secretary.

On motion of Mr. Miller and second of Mr. Wolfe, the meeting

was adjourned.

ARTHUR C. JOHNSON, SR., President.




Ohio Academy of History Sessions, April 7, 12:30 P. M., Deshler-

Wallick Hotel; 2:30 P. M., Ohio State Museum

Auditorium, A. Sellew Roberts, Presiding

The Ohio Academy of History, one of the sponsors of the

Ohio History Conference, met in two sessions April 7th. The

noon luncheon meeting was held as usual in connection with the

Ohio College Teachers' Association at the Deshler-Wallick Hotel

in Columbus. Dr. Arthur C. Cole, Western Reserve University,

read a paper on "Some Aspects of the Early Attack upon Amer-

ican Puritanism."

The afternoon session, a joint meeting with the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, was held in the Auditorium

of the Ohio State Museum on the university campus. The follow-

ing papers were read: Blake C. Cook, "Judge John Tyler--

Pioneer Jurist"; Curtis W. Garrison, "A President's Library";

and A. T. Volwiler, "Harrison, Blaine, and American Foreign

Policy, 1889-1893."

Professor A. T. Volwiler, Ohio University, Athens, was

elected president of the academy for the coming year and Dr.