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ing of the necessity for propaganda, Dr. Grimm stressed the

importance of "missionary" work among American youth. "Their

minds must be educated and their wills motivated," he said. They

face a new frontier, even as did their progenitors; they, too, are

pioneers in new fields, and if they know the task ahead of them

they can--as did their forebears--arm themselves with faith,

and hope, and the cooperative spirit, and by so doing make ade-

quate preparation for the accomplishment of the work which

lies before them.



Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society Annual Business

Session, 10:00 A. M., April 7, Ohio State Museum,

Arthur C. Johnson, Sr., Presiding

The Business Session of the Fifty-third Annual Meeting of

the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society was called

to order in the Auditorium of the Museum by its President,

Arthur C. Johnson, Sr., at 10:00 A. M. on April 7, 1939.

PRESIDENT JOHNSON: The first item on the program will be

action on the minutes of the last Annual Meeting. This is

strictly a business meeting and I presume that the reading of the

minutes may be dispensed with since they have been published

in their entirety and the publication has been sent to all members.

If there are any corrections or changes in these minutes you will

please make your wishes heard. If not, a motion to approve

them is in order.

Howard R. Goodwin moved that the minutes of the last

Annual Meeting be approved. The motion was seconded by

Albert C. Spetnagel and carried.

PRESIDENT JOHNSON: I think it might be well at this point to

consider nominations to the Board of Trustees. The terms of

Carl V. Weygandt, Carl Wittke and Oscar F. Miller, our treas-

urer, have expired and it will be necessary to elect three trustees.

I am not electioneering for those particular trustees, but I think

that none of them have manifested an inclination to desert the

Society. I will ask Professor A. T. Volwiler, of Ohio University,