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Including the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Ohio State

Archaeological and Historical Society, the Ninth Annual Meeting

of the Ohio Academy of History and the Ninth Annual Meeting

of the Columbus Genealogical Society, Held at Columbus, April

4-6, 1940, in Cooperation with Ohio State University, the Com-

mittee on Archives and Medical History of the Ohio State Arch-

aeological and Historical Society, and Local Historical Societies

throughout the State.


Columbus Genealogical Society Annual Dinner Session,

6:30 P. M., April 4, Athletic Club,

Frank A. Livingston, Presiding


The opening session of the 1940 Ohio History Conference

was held Thursday evening, April 4, at the Athletic Club in

Columbus, Ohio, the occasion being the ninth annual dinner of

the Columbus Genealogical Society. Mr. Frank A. Livingston,

president of the society, presided at the dinner.

After welcoming the guests, Mr. Livingston spoke briefly of

the genealogical society, its program, history, and activities.

He was followed by Miss Helen E. Swisher, one of the editors

of the Ohio Genealogical Quarterly, who identified the persons

attending the banquet and introduced those at the speakers' table:

Harlow Lindley, Secretary, Editor and Librarian of the Ohio

State Archaeological and Historical Society; Mrs. Harlow Lindley;

Frank A. Livingston; Mrs. Frank A. Livingston; Mrs. Harry B.

Longsworth, Secretary of the Allen County Historical and Arch-

aeological Society, Lima, Ohio; Dr. George W. Rightmire, Presi-

dent-Emeritus of the Ohio State University. Miss Swisher led

the group in the singing of several folk-songs.

Mr. Livingston introduced Dr. Rightmire who spoke on

"Does Blood Tell? What's in a Name?" He began his address