Ohio History Journal

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Due to the fact that the annual meetings of the various Ohio

educational conferences, usually held the first week in April,

and the meetings of the Columbus Genealogical Society and the

Committee on Medical History and Archives were not held this

year, the annual History Conference was cancelled for 1943 and

arrangements were made only for the annual business meeting

of the Society, scheduled for Friday forenoon, April 30, 1943.

Due to the small attendance, however, chargeable largely to war

conditions, the President of the Society declared the annual meet-

ing postponed, with the understanding that the reports of the

Director, Secretary and Treasurer be published as usual in the

July-September issue of the QUARTERLY. The October-December,

1943, issue of the QUARTERLY will contain the historical papers

which were prepared for the meeting of the Committee on Medical

History and Archives.



It may be taken for granted that members read the publications of

The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society as well as their

local and state newspapers. In the former, the membership is kept in-

formed as to the detailed activities of the Society, while the press, par-

ticularly that of Columbus, has been especially cooperative in carrying

items of a more general nature. I feel certain that the members have been

impressed by the accomplishments of the Society during the past twelve

months, and that there is general recognition of the place which the or-

ganization holds in the esteem of the people of Ohio.

Following precedent, no attempt will be made in this brief report

to review activities in detail. Such details are a part of the Society's

records--in the reports of the Director, of the Secretary-Librarian and

in the departmental reports of the various curators.

At last year's annual meeting, the Director discussed, at some length,

the manner in which the Society planned to meet the impact of war. This

plan was and is, in a word, continuance of the services authorized by the

Constitution and, in addition, fullest cooperation with Federal, State and